by Nick Stanosheck

Superboy's life sucked. Well that's what he thought anyway. He tried to date Argent but it didn't work out at all. He could tell that she was a snot under all that nicety she played. He figured maybe he'd try to hook up with Tana Moon again. He kept trying to talk to her and she would not make the time of day for him at all.

In Young Justice, he was tired of playing second fiddle, it wasn't that Robin wasn't competent, he was. Superboy just hated being shown up. Hawaii hated him, Tana hated him, and he hated Young Justice lately. Hero spent all his time with Leander and Superboy felt like he had no one he could talk to. The Cadmus crew were pretty cool, and they had found a way to give Krypto powers for an hour at a time, but he wanted to have people he could talk to that were his age.

It seemed like everyone in Young Justice had a life except him. Out of nothing more than desperation he tried talking to Impulse. Impulse didn't understand, but he did listen. Somehow Impulse convinced him to try Tana one last time so that evening he did. "Why don't you go talk to Triad, Kid?" she said, blowing him off.

"Uhh, Tana I can't" SB replied

"Mess that up too?"


"Go away Kid, I am so tired of your childish ways, I'm getting a restraining order!" screamed an obviously annoyed Tana.


"I'm calling the police now!"

"Sprocking witch!" he muttered, and with that Superboy flew off. "Sprocking witch?" he thought, "Oh yeah they use that language in the 30th century. Ultra Boy taught me that!" He realized he really missed the Legion.

By this time he was back at Bart's house and told Impulse what was up. "Man, I wish I could just leave this century and go live with the Legion.", whined Superboy.

A light clicked in Impulse's head. "I know" he said, "we can both go, I can visit Jenni!"

"Huh" exclaimed SB.

"My cousin in the Legion, XS!" Bart screamed.

"How- how- how can you get us there Bart?"

"Wait, Max is up know, we'll sneak out to the Flash mueseum once he's asleep!"

The boys stayed up chatting, Bart desperately trying to get SB to give him his Legion flight ring. Finally Max went to sleep, and the kids took off to Central City.

"Bart, I can't believe they have a time machine in the Flash Mueseum!"

"Well, only speedsters can use it, well it takes two anyway!"

"Bart, stop." SB shouted, "STOP!"

"Why?" Impulse asked.

"You are the only speedster!"

"Oh," mumbled Bart,"uh-oh"

"Uh-oh is right, how does this thing work anyway?"

"I dunno, we'll see when we get in there." shrugged Bart

Shortly they were at the meuseum, and the guard happily let them in. Bart sped through all the information on it and SB came up with a plan.

"I think with my tactile telekenisis I can simulate the speed on this conveyor belt!" shouted SB. The Kid looked all over the machine and set it for exactly 1,000 years. "Ooh I forgot something!"remembered the Kid. "I need to call CM3 and change clothes!"

SB used the phone and asked him to take his place in Young Justice for an extended leave. CM3 asked why, but Superboy said he really couldn't go into it, but that he had faith that only HE could replace him as the powerhouse of Young Justice. CM3 gladly accepted and wished SB luck. Superboy then slipped to the bathroom and changed into the Legion costume Triad had given him.

"OK, Impulse let's go!" shouted an anxious Superboy.

"I hate you, that costume rocks!" sniped a jealous Impulse.

The two started running on the belts, and when it got to fast for Superboy, he stepped to the middle and let his TTK take over. Everything started to blur and he saw the familliar colors of the timestream. Also he saw two speeding images of Max Mercury and Flash rushing in, and one reaching for the power pack of the machine.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted the Kid, and the stream spun all around him. Evidentally he had made it but Impulse was no where to be seen! He figured that the two speeding figures were Flash and Max Mercury trying to stop them. They must have gotten to Bart. Man, Bart wasn't gonna be able to get out of trouble this time. He was a cool guy, and SB was thankful for what he did, so he felt bad for whatever trouble he got into. However he was really worried that he would not land in the right time, as by trying to stop them, Flash and Max could have inadventantly sent SB to the wrong time. Superboy was scared.

Back in our time Impulse was in BIG trouble. Superboy was right, the two speedsters had stopped Bart. Max had unplugged the power packs just as Superboy had been sent through time. Flash had vibrated through the machine to reach SB, but had failed. His residual energy had destroyed the machine. There was no way of getting Superboy back. Superman was gonna be bummed. That and Impulse was grounded for a year. He even had to quit Young Justice! Bart got yelled at enough that he realized SB could be anywhere, in any time!

As Superboy exited the timestream, he hoped he was in the right era. He exited the stream in the middle of the "Recent Speedster" wing of the Flash Mueseum. He looked and the bios were dated up to the 2990's, and XS was the most recent speedster. He had made it! He kinda wished Impulse had made it, but that would have been another problem to deal with as well.

Alarms were going off every where since the mueseum was closed, so SB made the quickest exit he could. There hoped there would be no questions if anyone saw him, as he had been wearing his Legion costume Triad had given him. He couldn't wait to see the Legion, especially her.

Flying over the cities, he looked and decided he'd love to live here. The 30th century was just! The city was suprisingly quiet, he had expected alot more traffic, but then again it was only 3 in the morning. He headed for Legion Headquarters in Metropolis, and once there buzzed to enter. A blue girl answered on the screen, and he couldn't understand what she was saying. All of a suden he realized nobody spoke English anymore! Everyone spoke Interlac, and Umbra had no idea who he was. He was mad about his own lack of planning.

What was he to do? The only thing in Interlac that Triad had taught him was "I need you Luornu" and that wasn't gonna help here. He needed to find a Legionnaire that he already knew. He started to walk away, figuring he'd sleep outside until the morning, and hope for better luck. As he looked for a spot to sleep, he heard his name called from behind. It was Valor! Umbra had summoned him to go check on the mystery guest!

Superboy was elated, so was Lar Gand. The person who had saved his life was here, and he was gonna make sure he tried his best to show SB the best time possible.

"Nice costume Superboy!" admired Lar.

"Thanks, back atcha Valor! Ferro made it for me when the team was back in my... errr.... our time!"

"Uhh thanks Superboy, but it's M'Onel now, not Valor. You can call me Lar okay? You have a 'real' name Supes?"

"Naw, Superboy is it. Hey Lar, who's the fine blue chick?"

"Umbra? Oh that is my, well, uh, girlfriend you could say"

"Wow, lucky guy! Speaking of the hotties, how is Luornu?"

"Triad? Wow, I forgot, you two really hit it off, huh?"


"She's asleep, she'll be shocked to see you! Anyway, why are you here?"

Superboy told M'Onel all about how he came to get away from it all, and how the Legion seemed more his level then Young Justice did. How Hawaii hated him, and Cadmus was no place for a kid, and how he'd probably never be a Superman either. He wanted to 'start over' here.

Valor got some coffee and took SB over to the monitor and gave him a telepathic earplug. Umbra kissed M'Onel and went to bed. SB and he chatted until they turned at the sound of a shreik.

"By the creator! " Triad shouted and she ran at SB. M'Onel grabbed both coffees and got out of the way at super-speed. Luornu jumped up and gave SB a huge hug and wrapped her legs around him tightly. The hug led to a passionate kiss that lasted about 5 minutes by M'Onel's account.

"Hey SB, why don't you and Lu go up and talk in her room? I have to do the monitor duty thing."

"Uh, okay Va, uh Lar, no prob. I'll catch ya later!"

"Actually Lu, Supes, you two want to join Jo, Tinya, Shady and I on a camping trip to Anesecs II tonight?"

"Wow, that would be neat. Superboy?" asked Lu.

"Sure, sounds fun to me!"replied SB.

The two went upstairs and talked for hours. By the time they came down, all the Legionnaires were up and waiting for them at the large meeting table. Valor had updated them on the situation.

"So Supes, Lar says you'd like to become a permanent member?" asked Cosmic Boy.

"Well if you'd let me, I'd love to Cos."

"Well we took a vote, and if it's okay with Lu, you are in."

Luornu screamed yes immediately and everyone laughed. The couple ate a late breakfast and afterwords Ferro went to work on making more costumes for Superboy. Cosmic Boy had Luornu teach SB how to use the monitor station and the VR room that first day. Superboy picked both up rather quick all things considering. They ended up missing dinner because they were in the VR room so long.

When they finally left the room, they had Tenzil Kem make them some great pasta and they headed to bed. Superboy kissed Triad and headed to his new room. Lu grabbed him and said, "Uh-uh! You are coming to my room and giving me a back rub with that fabulous tactile telekenisis!" Superboy wasn't going to argue, so he followed her in, hand in hand.

(to be continued soon!)

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