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You Know You're
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When ...


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by Sean Taylor

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You know you're way too obsessed with the DC teens when ...

1. You keep your Robin Underoos packaged in a waterproof plastic because they're "collectable."

2. You argue the merits of Wendy and Marvin vs. The Wonder Twins, and get upset when people disagree with you.

3. You're an adult who dresses up like a 16-year-old comic book character just to get your picture inWizard.

4. You can't wait until your kid grows up so you can be Flash and Impulse for Halloween.

5. You debate in chat rooms whether Spoiler is "hotter" than Arrowette.

6. You actually enjoy the #0 and #1,000,000 issues of any of the teen books.

7. You pre-order toys like the Supergirl figure from Superman Adventures though you never intend to actually open it up and play with it..

8. You know the history of Damage and Anima but don't have a clue who your own great-grandfather was.

9. You feel that the presence of the new Superboy justifies the use of clones in comics.

10. You're a 30-year-old who spends his spare time creating a website about teenage comic book heroes.

From Amanda Kennedy
You can find a needle in a haystack, but you can't find your room because of all the comics you have.

From Kinsey Stewart
1. Your English teacher askes you to do a compare-and-contrast paper on a hero from classic literature and someone you look up to in the modern day, and you choose your favorite teen hero. (I did that on Beowolf and Robin -- my paper got an A!)

2. You look up teen-hero aliases in the phonebook and memorize the possible phone numbers of Tim Drake, etc, just in case you run into trouble.

3. You also look up their possible addresses and visit these people just to see if they even slightly resemble the teen hero they're named after.

4. You arrange your comics books so that your favorite teens books are on the top of the stack.

From Gils Baron
1. When you study for your psychology exam by reading Red Tornado's Freud speech from Young Justice #1.

2. If Devin Grayson's team lineup for Titans upset you because Damage and Argent "just belong with Young Justice!"

From Green Lantern Lady
You create characters based on yourself and some super hero, draw pictures of them, write pages and pages of fan fic, participate in RPGs (role playing games) under their names, use their names as your own constantly.

From James White
You have to write a short story based on a literary character already in existence for English, and you write a short story pitting Robin against Lex Luthor. (Just in case you're wondering, Robin won and got Luthor the chair for mass murder).

From Superherofreack9
I've already got names picked out for my first four sons, and first two daughters, all named after super heroes, and I'm only about a month away from my 16th birthday, and I haven't even gone on a date yet.

Want to add to the list? Just send your suggestions via email, and I'll add them (subject to approval, of course, and possible editing).