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There are so many great comics-related sites out there on the Web that I decided there has to be some way to let them know I appreciate the effort that has been put into making them.

So, I created The Stephie Award.

the stephie award

Named in honor of my favorite little DC teen heroine, Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler, The Stephie Award is just my way of honoring those sites that I think deserve a little extra mention.  Each month I'll choose a Stephie site based (purely subjectively) on the following criteria:

  1. Does the site use Web design elements creatively?

  2. Does the site actually offer visitors anything to come back for after an initial visit?

  3. Is the site informative, helpful, and easy to navigate?

  4. And most important, is the site's maintainer passionate about the site? Is the site a labor of love because the person cares deeply about the characters or the comics involved? Does it show on the site?

  5. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  All comics-related sites are eligible, although DC sites, and particularly DC teens site may get special consideration.

View the latest Stephie winners.

If there's a site you'd like to nominate for The Stephie Award, use the form below. Feel free to nominate your own site, but remember that it takes a much bigger dose of humanity to nominate someone else.

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Stephanie Brown and Spoiler are owned by DC Comics and are being used without permission. The award is not-for-profit (in any way) and is strictly used to promote DC Comics among other comic books fans.