Superboy's Summer
(Part 4)


Kal landed in a dark, shadowy area where no one would see him. He then went off to look for Daniel and the other guy's. He found Daniel fairly quickly but couldn't see the other three guys. Daniel was working on a computer in the principal's office, he was in the process of changing the grades.

"I thought you said you needed me for the computer work." Kal said patronizingly.

"I've decided we need you for another purpose." Daniel dimly answered.

"What's that?" asked Kal as if he didn't know.

"You are going to take the fall." Daniel swiftly answered.

That's when Kal felt a thud on the back of his head, he turned around to see one of the other boys had a Billy club in his hand. Confused the boy hit Kal again, and again nothing happened. So he ran, Kal got on his knees and touched the tile floor. Suddenly tiles began to rise from the ground and chase the boy around the corner. Turning, Kal saw the other two boys throw a sack over his head. Kal decided to play possum so when they hit him in the back of the head he pretended to be knocked out. When he "awoke", he was tied into a chair in the corner.

"Tell me something." Kal requested of Daniel.

"What's that?" Daniel asked.

"Why would anyone think I would change your grades?" Kal queried.

Daniel responded "We aren't changing our grades, we all threatened our teachers for A's, but Laura failed French so we're here to raise her GPA and get you charged with fraud."

"Oh." Kal said simply.

"And now we're gonna call the police" Daniel continued "and let them find us, the heroes and the crook!"

One of the boys left the room to call the police. Leaving Kal with Daniel and his friend, he smirked to himself. Suddenly the ropes that bound him burst off and lunged toward the boys, it wrapped itself around their legs then dragged them into a wall where they were knocked out.

Kal clapped the pretend dirt off of his hands then went to the computer, they had provided him with all the information he needed to set things right. He looked up Laura Little, then he changed her grade to a fail. When the other boy walked in, Kal knocked him out and tied the boys together. In the distance he heard sirens, he decided to make a discreet exit.

The next day he sat down to breakfast, Jonathan Kent was reading a newspaper, as soon as Kal put his spoon full of cheerios to his mouth the paper smacked down in front of him, it read "Three Local Kids Charged With Breaking And Entering". He looked up and there were the beamingly proud faces of the Kents, their smiles put a stray thought into Superboy's head.


Two weeks later, Superboy left Smallville to get back to Hawaii, but he promised to be back next summer, cross his "S" and hope to die.

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