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<Teensdc> sldfkdfadf

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<pencillerguy> howdy, sean

<pencillerguy> . . .and everybody else

<Ashen-Shugar> Hi Craig

<Teensdc> We're off to a slow start, Craig, but a few folks are showing up a little later. Just like any party.

<Ashen-Shugar> Just without the beer :)

<Teensdc> My phone line is down at home, btw, I had to drive back to work and log on there to make the chat. PHew.

<Teensdc> And watch my daughter at the same time.

<pencillerguy> well, Ash, maybe not where YOU"RE sittin' . . .

<Teensdc> Certainly not where my daughter's sitting ... <g>

<Ashen-Shugar> Hey! A kegger!

<Teensdc> Loved the recent issue of Impulse, btw. A great blend of slapstick and seriousness. You guys are hitting your stride now, I think.

<pencillerguy> Sean, thanks . . . i think we're starting to get somewhere, too

<Ashen-Shugar> If I start acting a'll...know...I'm...zzzzzzzz....Where am I again?

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<Teensdc> Current events tying into ongoing plotlines perhaps?

<Teensdc> HOwdy Gabby, welcome to the chat.

<Gabrie1> Hi

<pencillerguy> so, next issue is a great story by jason hernandez-rosenblatt and

<Teensdc> so, gabby, what questions do you have for Craig?

<Teensdc> Arrowette, yes!!!! Can't wait.

<Gabrie1> I'm thinking.:)

<pencillerguy> ethan Van Sciver (who did a great job in Flash giant this week)

<Teensdc> which one was his (in the 80 page giant)?

<pencillerguy> Sean, he and Todd Dezago did the Impulse story (naturally)

<Teensdc> Just glance at it. Haven't read anything yet. did get a copy of the YJ promo stuff though, still bagged. If you ever need someone to do a fill in when you're busy, get Nauck.

<pencillerguy> hopefully Arrowette 'll show up again when I can draw the story

<Teensdc> His YJ poster is awesome. Have you seen it?

<Teensdc> I'd love to see your rendition of Suzie.

<Teensdc> ashen, you still here with us?

<Ashen-Shugar> Speaking of YJ: any future guest-appearances by the YJ team?

<pencillerguy> i've seen the first few issues in B/W

<pencillerguy> from what i've seen it looks great (i did a fige page sequence fer

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<pencillerguy> YJ 1 million)

<Teensdc> Lucky you. I've just seen bits and pieces on the web from scans.

<Teensdc> Howdy Skyrocket. Glad you could make it.

<Teensdc> Craig is pencillerguy (in case you did'nt guess already)

<Skyrocket> Sorry, I'm late. i was reading the Flash 80 pager. Nice work on that, Craig.

<pencillerguy> thanks, Skyrocket

<Teensdc> Oh yeah, suck up to him right off the bat. <g>

<Skyrocket> So what did I miss?

<Teensdc> Not much so far. Craig would like to pencil and issue with Arrowette and Craig's a kegger. That about sums it up so far.

<Teensdc> <g>

<Skyrocket> Arrowette is in the issue being draw by Ethan Van Sciver right?

<Teensdc> Any chance your version of Impulse could grace a poster anytime soon, Craig?

<pencillerguy> yes, ethan's issue is with Arrowetee . . .

<pencillerguy> Sean, heck, i'd love to do one if they ask <G>

<Gabrie1> That'd be cool.

<Skyrocket> What did you think of Arrowett's new costume?

<Teensdc> I hope they ask. I'd love to have one for my office. Right between my Hal and Kyle poster and my Speed Force poster.

<Teensdc> And across from the Alex Ross Superman one, of course.

<pencillerguy> Skyrocket- not too jazzed about it actually ( the idea was a gag the first time around)

<Skyrocket> Where do you think Bart is going as a chacter?

<pencillerguy> . . . but i don't like Ramos' new look (altho his other work in that series ROCKS)

<Gabrie1> I haven't seen her new costume. Are they're any pictures floating around on the web?

<Ashen-Shugar> Do you feel any pressure to live up to Humberto's success on Impulse?

<Teensdc> I don't like his art in WWG so far. I think he hit his peak on the early issue of Impulse and on X-Nation 2099. His WWG stuff is way to cartoony for me. And robin's legs ... ugh.

<pencillerguy> Skyrocket. . .not too far, i hope (altho he starting to plan a little- not that it works, of course)

<Teensdc> there's a b/w on the site in the scrapbook, Gab.

<Gabrie1> Thanks;)

<Skyrocket> I have to agree, teensdc. It wasn't was good as his DV9 work as either.

<Teensdc> it's the WWG preview page, I think.

<Skyrocket> I mean DV8.

<Ashen-Shugar> Anyone seen his work on Crimson?

<Teensdc> I think your Impulse is becoming the definitive one, Craig.

<pencillerguy> i'm really diggin' his Crimson stuff lately, too

<Teensdc> Just the previews, Ash.

<pencillerguy> Sean, well, thanks, but i still think of Humberto's bart as Impulse

<Skyrocket> Really? from what I heard Crimson hasn't been going over very well.

<Teensdc> I prefer yours and Todd's.

<Ashen-Shugar> That's because Humberto is the "other guy" in the Cliffhanger line.

<Skyrocket> I don't think people will ever forget Humberto's Bart but they won't forget craiges either.

<Teensdc> I didn't pick up Crimson. I run out of money after picking up DC and my 2-3 marvel books.

<Ashen-Shugar> I think it'll take a few issues before people start noticing his work.

<pencillerguy> todd's Impulse is alot more like Ringo's (bigger and a little more mature looking)

<Skyrocket> Are there any other DC characters you would like to draw?

<Teensdc> Did you ever find out how old Song of Justice was?

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<Teensdc> any chance she'll be back soon.

<pencillerguy> 'rocket . . . i just did a Capt.Marvel story with Dick Giordano and would LOVE to do some Batman animated stuff

<Teensdc> did you ever answer about having YJ appear in Impulse, Craig?

<Skyrocket> Wow, you on animated batman? Cool!

<pencillerguy> sean, i don't think she's slated to return anytime soon

<Skyrocket> Will there be any new additions to Bart's rouges gallery soon?

<Teensdc> oh. she's a bit campy for the more serious tone, probably, anyway

<pencillerguy> sean- actually there is a crossover in the works for the 3 books (that's all i know about it, tho)

<Teensdc> cool. who's idea was the big black guy who drank up all the water? Yours or Bill's?

<Gabrie1> Other than an appearance in Superboy and the Ravers and the early Young Justice stuff, There really hasn't been a team up between S-boy and Impulse. Will there be one?

<pencillerguy> i can't think of any new villains we're planning on right now ( altho a ercenary team of villains show up in Manchester looking for somebody)

<Skyrocket> Team Turmoil?

<pencillerguy> oops- Mercenary

<Teensdc> what about some of Flash's rogues gallery? maybe Captain Boomerang. that'd be fun.

<Skyrocket> That would be cool.

<pencillerguy> new charcters Bill thought up . . but the Flash's Rogues gallery play a part in next issue

<dcteens> what about Secret making an appearance in Impulse?

<Teensdc> cool.

<pencillerguy> no secret yet, altho jesse quick stops by

<Skyrocket> How do you see Bart's relationship with Max?

<Teensdc> Craig, Tom Peyer just told me to tell you hello.

<pencillerguy> 'rocket - very much a father/son thing ( altho i think Bill's max takes things too far)

<pencillerguy> Sean - tell'm i said hello right back

<Skyrocket> Yeah, he really flipped out in the last issue. It was great.

<Skyrocket> Will we be seeing more of Carol and Preston?

<Teensdc> I love the way the support cast is coming into the limelight a little more. Esp. Roland and Evil Eye.

<Teensdc> And will you get a chance to draw XS anyting during chain lightning? Is it crosses over into IMpulse, that is.

<pencillerguy> carol is showing up in the next few books, altho we don't see the others for a while

<Skyrocket> I like how you've continued Humberto's tradition of hidding little things in the background. I still get a kick whenever I think of that Jay and Silent Bob cameo.

<pencillerguy> I don't know anything 'bout Chain Lightning, but i hope we play a part in it

<pencillerguy> 'rocket- thanks! Dexter was at the cookout in the last issue

<Skyrocket> I must have missed him. i'll have to go back and look.

<Teensdc> how 'bout helping us settle a discussion of the YJ board -- who'd win in a battle: YJ or the original Teen Titans if they were picked out of the timeline just after forming?

<Gabrie1> That's a story I'd pay to read.

<Skyrocket> They did something like that in Teens Titains.

<pencillerguy> that's a good one (nostalgia makes me say TT, but they would be up against BART, so . . .)

<Teensdc> Actually, I think Bart could outdo Kid Flash pretty quickly. A few video game moves and Wally'd go down like a fat-free cake at a Weight-Watcher's meeting.

<Skyrocket> What chacter from other company do you think Impulse wuld be best suited to do a crossover with?

<pencillerguy> i'd love to see a Monkeyman/ impulse book (becuase Art Adams is AMAZING)or a deadpool/bart story

<Skyrocket> Deadpool, yes!

<pencillerguy> Bart would manage to annoy just about anyone he came in contact with!

<Skyrocket> Persoanlly, I think Top Cow's Velocity would be. coo. Both she and Bart are teens with super-speed.

<Teensdc> I was thinking of the blond guy from Acclaim's Troublemaker's. I can't remember his name.

<pencillerguy> alas, i haven't read either of those books (i'm actually a Vertigo reader, myself)

<Skyrocket> How do you think other DC characters see Bart?

<Teensdc> Vertigo. ooh. Highbrow of you Craig. Okay then, how 'bout Bart and Tim Hunter?

<Skyrocket> Bart+Books of magic=troble!

<Teensdc> big trouble.

<pencillerguy> i think a lot of DC see him as an accident about to be caused. . .

<Teensdc> hahahaha

<pencillerguy> Bart and Tim Hunter . . .hmmmnnnnnn

<Skyrocket> I couldn't have put it better. But didn't he make friends with some of the Soving 7?

<Teensdc> maybe bill could "get a little idea" from craig here about this ...

<Skyrocket> Rats, I have to go. My grandma wants to us the phone. I'll try to come back later.

<Teensdc> What about having Reflex show up sometime. He and Bart did okay together in S7.

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<Teensdc> brb

<pencillerguy> can't say i've ever read S7 . . .

<Teensdc> it started off good, then got way convoluted (sp?)

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<Teensdc> Looks like things are starting to slow down.

<pencillerguy> i sat next to Chris Claremont at San Diego last summer and just kinda nodded a lot trying to seem like i knew what he was talkin' about

<Teensdc> It got to where you couldn't have a clue if you just glanced at a page. To me, a good story should be able to be understood at least somewhat by a cursury glance.

<Teensdc> anything else to ask, Gab?

<Gabrie1> I thought it was kinda borin'

<Teensdc> Before we let Craig get on with his life...

<pencillerguy> my big problem with his FF , actually

<Teensdc> I haven't picked up FF. Course, i never was a big FF fan. I like Dr. Doom, but not FF.

<Teensdc> brb again. watching my daughter is keeping me busy.

<pencillerguy> life? what life? i've got impulse 43 to go work on

<pencillerguy> OOOHHH! a Corey Feldman chat. . .

<Gabrie1> I don't know if I got this one answered but will Superboy and Impulse will have a real one on one team up.

<pencillerguy> i don't think it'll be just the two of 'm (i think robin's gonna tag along)

<pencillerguy> but i could be wrong

<Gabrie1> Rats. I thought it would be cool if we saw their first meeting. I got the feeling they all ready knew each other.

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<Gabrie1> Hi Shade.

<EZLiteGuest2> Is Rousseau still hangin out here?

<Teensdc> course I could be wrong about it starting to slow down...

<pencillerguy> shade- yup, that's me

<Gabrie1> He's pencillerguy.

<EZLiteGuest2> Duh I would guess he is pencillerguy!

<EZLiteGuest2> Craig. Impulse is kicking!! Let WML know he is doing a GREAT job

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<pencillerguy> Shade - thanks, i'll pass it along to bill,too

<Teensdc> sorry about disappearing like that. the automatic log closed and I had to relog this second part of the chat.

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<Teensdc> welcome back skyrocket.

<Gabrie1> Welcome back S-Rocket.

<Skyrocket> Good to be back.

<pencillerguy> not a problem, sean,altho i gotta dissapear now - work calls ( no rest for the wicked)

<Gabrie1> Bye, Craig.

<Teensdc> alright. thanks for coming and sharing with us Craig.

<Skyrocket> Bye, craig.

<Teensdc> let me know if you want to be our guest again anytime.

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<pencillerguy> thanks fer chattin', folks! i am outta here!

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<Teensdc> well, thanks for coming. I'll post the log (if it worked) in the next few days, so tell your friends who couldn't make it tonight.

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