Todd Dezago
Ethan Van Sciver

brokentuba (~brokentuba@208.157.135.XX) has joined the channel

teensdc: you made it! Hey Todd!

YJFAN: yes

YJFAN: Evening Todd

brokentuba: It was a little shaky there for a second, but here I is!!

brokentuba: Hey, YJF! Hey, teen!

teensdc: alrighteethen.

brokentuba: I like a screen that scrolls down...It's homey.

teensdc: are you ghosting on IM cuz you're not showing up in my buddy list.

brokentuba: Where are you guys, if I can ask?

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brokentuba: I turned my IM off, otherwise I get barraged with 'em...sorry.

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teensdc: I'm in Atlanta. YJFan is in Flo.

teensdc: No prob. Just curious.

Wonder-boy ( has joined the channel

Wonder-boy: ....*grumbles*

teensdc: bowie?

brokentuba: I've got an Aunt that lives in Dunwoody

Wonder-boy: Yeah... dang talkcity had me half to register..

Wonder-boy: Grumble..

teensdc: sorry bout that.

YJFAN: I am from Jacksonivlle.. although, I can't use my BoyWonder name anymore

Wonder-boy: It's okay...

teensdc: In Dunwoody huh? cool.

brokentuba: Hey, Wonder-Boy!

Wonder-boy: Craig- Look, I'm still EXTREMELY sorry about that ICQ thing...

teensdc: ooh, smells like a scandal to me...

Wonder-boy: Hey, Todd! Hmm.. I was umm.. Wonderboy, at Nik's chat too.... remember the "loving Elongated man and Plastic Man at the same time? Sounds kinky"

YJFAN: Drop it Bowie.. don't even want to discuss it.

brokentuba: Sure, I remember were wearing your hair different then though, weren't you?

Wonder-boy: Ya! I didn't have the dash. Turns out when I registered, someone had the Wonderboy username

YJFAN: Just glad it worked easier to get into this faster this tom Todd, then me trying to set it up.

brokentuba: Man, I can't apologize enough for my computer spazness...!

YJFAN: Great as I can see this thing is kinda laggy.

Wonder-boy: Laggy? not to me..

Wonder-boy: Using EZTalk lite is quick...

teensdc: Todd, next time you're in Dunwoody visiting your aunt, I'll have to send you a singing telegram or something. <g>

brokentuba: I like the term 'loggy'...!

YJFAN: I own the boywonder name. From when I had the JLA chatroom, but can't find the papaers.. oh weell.

Wonder-boy: Todd- Don't you just feel terrible for those poor people who live at where Peter Parker was raised? Constantly hassled by fanboys.. *EG*

GeoffJ ( has joined the channel

brokentuba: I try to get down that way every year and a half or so. She keeps telling me of Cons, but always at the last minute.

teensdc: welcome to the chat, geoff

Wonder-boy: Hey Geoff

YJFAN: Wow.. Geoff made it.. Ethan told me he was going to try.

GeoffJ: Hey, Sean. Can't stay long but wanted to say HI.

brokentuba: Hey, Geoff!

GeoffJ: Hello Everybody :)!

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teensdc: Johns?

Wonder-boy: Craig- Well, tell that to the way-over-40-users on ICQ named "Boy Wonder"....

YJFAN: so far 2 writers.. 2 websites and Bowie (future website) almost a full house.

GeoffJ: Yeah, teensdc?

brokentuba: YJ--DO you know the people living in the Parker house?

Wonder-boy: Hey, I still have the Robin site up..

teensdc: just making sure it was THAT GeoffJ.

GeoffJ: Yep:)

YJFAN: In Talk City, I am regiastered as Boy Wonder.

teensdc: What's this I hear about Arrowette in Starts and stripe?

YJFAN: I have my Robin site up too now.. sorta

teensdc: And will we see more of her in Impulse under your pen, Todd?

Wonder-boy: Todd- Umm.. idunno if he does. I don't. I read in the spidey letter column a LOOOOONG time ago, back issues... about the people living there requesting fans NOT to come to their house anymore..

YJFAN: Nope.. I don't read to much Marvel. Besides.. I'm Young Justice and DC. <grin>

brokentuba: We don't ha any immediate plans for Arrowette right now; too much other stuff goin' on...

teensdc: sounds ominous. anything for this supposed reverse impulse anytime soon?

brokentuba: I'm wondering where that rumor ever started...?

teensdc: Gee, you'd think with Ethan pencilling, the title would become Impulse, featuring the amazing Arrowette

teensdc: me too, Todd. me too

GeoffJ: Gotta run, guys!! Talk to y'all soon!!

*brokentuba* BYe!

YJFAN: I didn't mean to get that much trobule about the Reverse IMpulse on the Impulse Board on AOL

teensdc: Catch ya later Geoff. keep it easy.

teensdc: What trouble?

GeoffJ: Todd: Again best of luck!! Love your stuff.

Signoff: GeoffJ (GeoffJ has left the room)

Wonder-boy: Todd- I wonder where ANY rumour, ANY rumour starts.. I mean, who sits down and tries to think these things up? "I know.. ok, send this to 5 and..."

teensdc: ha.

brokentuba: Hey, who's Geoff?

teensdc: Geoff Johns, he's writing the new Star Spangled Kid book.

YJFAN: I started that after reading the Life of Barry Allen and seeing the history of he reverse flashes... figured soonor or later, there be a Reverse Impulse

brokentuba: Hmmm...?

teensdc: I think it came out of some interview, something about an evil twin for Impulse

Wonder-boy: You started the Reverse Impulse rumour? *RaE* No BS?

YJFAN: I may see if Ethan will tool around with one, when we start on our Impulse website.

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brokentuba: Speaking of Eth...Where is he? Wasn't he gonna come on too...?

Wonder-boy: No, Todd! You're here.. all by yourself.. it was a TRAP! and you can't use your writing powers NOW! We're REAL PEOPLE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

teensdc: I'm wondering that myself. I keep checking the buddy list for him. He was on at about seven, then logged off, then I've haven't seen him.

YJFAN: Thats what he told me.. but, after Friday night, it wasn't an interesting site,,,kik

teensdc: He emailed me earlier today, saying he'd be here.

brokentuba: Wonder--Today I wish I really did have writing powers...!

Wonder-boy: Writerman, Writerman.. does whatever a writer can...

teensdc: How well are you an Ethan clicking so far, Todd? Just curious, since a strong team makes a book even better.

YJFAN: Todd, I've noticed you on AOL a lot more recently.. big project?

brokentuba: Ethan and I have really hit it off, and I tink that we're both adding to 'our' take on Impulse! I love Ethan's work and what he sends back to me is above and beyond what I had imagined in my head! It's GREAT!!

Wonder-boy: Grrrrr-eat!

teensdc: Cool. Can't wait to see it. Will you be building from what Bill and Craig have done or just sort of starting over from where Mark left off with the more serious stories?

brokentuba: YJ--No, I've been on a lot more lately because of my new computer. It's a Pentium II (I had a Mac) and I've been tapping tech support to learn how to use it better.

Wonder-boy: Starting over from Mark? But I like Gamal...

teensdc: I'm on a Mac now. A powerbook G3. I love it.

Wonder-boy: I'm on a home-built. IBM/Pentium amalgamation, I believe...

brokentuba: We're not gonna forget anything anyone did before us, but wwe're gonna take it in our own direction, our own focus--the stories will be a bit more urgetn and intense, but it'll still be Bart in the middle of 'em!

Wonder-boy: Yay! Gamal!

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teensdc: Just wondering since there were some pretty "intense" posts on the YJ board today about how Bill and Craig were "ruining Impulse" -- I enjoy their take though I do wish they were a tad more serious.

Wonder-boy: I like they're take to. Gamal! Well, except for that "Virtua Pet" thing... I didn't get a single laugh outta that...

brokentuba: Because I like writing emotional stuff, we're gonna bring Bart in a bit closer with kids his own age, and play around with his relationships wth Max and Heen...

Wonder-boy: Sounds fun! Gamal too, right? RIGHT?

teensdc: Cool. I love Helen and Carol. Bart's got an interesting cast of supporting characters.

brokentuba: I think that I'm gonna have Gamal reveal his real name...Apu!

teensdc: hmm...

Wonder-boy: That's why I -liked- Gamal.... he was Apu!

YJFAN has left the channel

Wonder-boy: Although I like having an "Apu/Q" crossbreed.

teensdc: Craig's netscape crashed. Bummer for him. He'll be right back.

brokentuba: So, what else, besides Impulse, do you guys read?

Wonder-boy: I read pretty much every book DC produces. And then I read Daredevil from Marvel. and Gen13 from Image.

brokentuba: I love the Bat books (even though they're kinda stagnant right now) JLA, Sin City, Hellboy, AstroCity,Leave It to Chance, Lots of Independants and small press.

teensdc: too much, my wife says. Superboy, YJ, Robin, GL, futaba kun-change, bone, genx, avengers, thunderbolts, cap america, catwoman, arsenal, jla, most DC stuff, sailor moon

teensdc: how 'bout you, Todd, what books do you enjoy?

Wonder-boy: Oh, right, and I read any "View Askew" book.. Jay and Silent bob. Ah...

brokentuba: Sorry, beat ya to it.

Wonder-boy: So far I enjoy all of Kevin Smith's work...

teensdc: oh well, maybe next time.... btw, Ethan just logged on.

teensdc: I always thought Impulse would be a great crossover with Chance Falconer. That would be so bizarre.

brokentuba: Ethan's a baby...

brokentuba: Yeah, a nice and casual crossover. Unexpected...

Wonder-boy: My favorite books have to be, though.. Impulse, Robin, Young Justice, The Flash, Aquaman (until 50, the fact Erik Larsen writes it now just ruins it for me), Green Arrow...

teensdc: just a young sprout, huh? 21 or so, isn't he?

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teensdc: How 'bout you, Todd?

Wonder-boy: I don't know WHAT "bout you, Todd", but he beat you to it!

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brokentuba: He's 24...and he and his wife are expecting?!?!?!? (they knowwhat causes that, y'know...)

teensdc: tell me about it. my wife just had baby number 3 last week.

teensdc: we're outnumbered now.

Wonder-boy: Life: Sexually transmitted. Always fatal...

teensdc: ha

teensdc: What do you think the chances of having Bart crossover with anyone outside DCU would feasibly be?

brokentuba: Kids are great...None of my own, but a niece and nephew, 5 and 2 respectively. They're the best...and I can give 'em back when I'm done with 'em...

Wonder-boy: *Cough, Sonic the Hedgehog* It seems infantile, but that's the point. Two short-attentioned, speedsters.. and since Sonic lives in a video-game-like reality....

DCTguest23 ( has joined the channel

Signoff: DCTguest23 (DCTguest23 has left the room)

teensdc: ha, but there's nothing like having 'em call you daddy and look up at with big doe eyes.

ATAman ( has joined the channel

ATAman: heeeeeey Todd

Wonder-boy: Wouldn't know, I still have to call my pop daddy and look with big doe eyes... Am 14, by the by...

teensdc: hey, ataman

ATAman: Is Ethan here?

teensdc: welcome.

teensdc: Ethan's on his way.

Wonder-boy: Ataman Ataman Ataman, Ata ata ata man....

brokentuba: DC seems to be in a kinda isolationist phase right now, and not very eager to have Impulse trying anything new (based on sales...)

ATAman: I talk to Todd on AOL.... im his best stalke...i mean friend...yeah thats what i meant :)

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brokentuba: Hey, ATA! Ya made it.

ATAman: yep :)

ATAman: the insturctions hurt me head alittle... but i got in :)

ATAman: Ethan "Cyberfrog" Van Sciver, eh?

Wonder-boy: and me, I'm just a big fan.. not a stalker or nada.. Only a stalker of Peter David. And that's with an assault rifle....

brokentuba: Ethan's not here yet, but I'm sure he'll tap in.

ATAman: ah heh heh...John Byrne is my favorite target

teensdc: Glad to have you ATA!

ATAman: I know...

ATAman: Ethan did a cover for a friend of mine...

ATAman: an "online" friend

Wonder-boy: ATA- Well Byrne made WGirl.. that's good.. but besides that, he's evil.

ATAman: I might be doing penciling work for him.. :)

teensdc: Aw come on, have you ever read Next Men. And Byrne's Spiderman actually looks like Spidey should.

Wonder-boy: and Peter David's a good writer, fan fave an all... but he's mean... even Mike Carlin agreed with me.... he said "No comment" and winked

ATAman: I'm not even a very big DC fan... (dont decapitate me)

teensdc: ouch, ATA. That hurts.

ATAman: I read alot of the stuff Todd writes...he brings me to DC :)

Wonder-boy: Ya, Todd's great! *Ego building contest*

ATAman: Like... JLA: World without Grownups

Wonder-boy: YJ: The Secret.

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ATAman: Hey Todd, you have a new MB now that your Marvel one was deleted?

brokentuba: I've been away for a sec--fighting off an IM..and you guys shouldn't talk like that behind my back!?

teensdc: A question for a buddy: DO ME A FAVOR AND ASK HIM ABOUT THE BABIES FROM WWG


Wonder-boy: Well I didn't know I was trying to make you egotistical... didn't know you were gone

Wonder-boy: Ya, I was thinkin about that.. what would happen to pregnant women?

Wonder-boy: Message from a buddy: tell Todd to kill the GenX writers and take over!

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ATAman: anybody an Erik Larsen fan?

brokentuba: I...uhhh...I think you guys are overthinking this a bit...Okay, those kinda situations would have been in a sort of suspended animation, pregnant Moms would stay pregnant, Mothers giving birth at the time wouldget to have their babis (cause they came after the split...) How's that?


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ATAman: Larsen is....great

ATAman: hen is my favorite comics writer.. (sorry Todd, you are up there)...

teensdc: So, Todd, when it comes to plotting and writng, what's your approach?

Wonder-boy: *Rolls eyes* Hmph... *grumbles something about Aquaman destroyer*

brokentuba: And ATA--No Message Board, but you can post stuff to me on the Impulse board at DC...

ATAman: ah ok Todd...

ATAman: Settle down Wonder boy... David lef tthe title...

ATAman: and what the haell has he destroyed in one issue?

Wonder-boy: Ya.. but they got ERIK as his replacement?

ATAman: yeah... Erik is a talented writer... try chekcing out Svage Dragon

Wonder-boy: I've got a list of angry fans who can point out the dozens of mess ups he made.. just see the "Aquaman Mailing List"

brokentuba: teens--I really like the (I hate calling it this) Marvel style--I write a plot, Ethan draws it, I script it. I think that lendss itself to a tighter and better collaboration between the Artist and the Writer nd makes for a better boo/story.

Wonder-boy: Um, Ata? Lets drop it before I become bloodthirsty..

DCTEthan ( has joined the channel

DCTEthan: Hello?

teensdc: Ethan!!!!!!!!!!

ATAman: And I have 160 fans on the Savage dragon list that'll prove em wrong

Wonder-boy: Ethan!

DCTEthan: It worked. There's no place like home.

Wonder-boy: 160 fans of Savage Dragon are Aquaman fans too?!

Wonder-boy: That's.. wow. Unlikely...

DCTEthan: Todd?

ATAman: The FAO... I am a member

Wonder-boy: But I suppose it could happen..

ATAman: and Erik is a member as well...

teensdc: good idea, dropping it, an all

ATAman: Well a bunch of SD fans picked up issue 50...

DCTEthan: Hello, are we talking bout Erik Larsen?

ATAman: they werent fans before that...but 50 was a recap issue..they are never good

Wonder-boy: Ata- my point is that Aquaman fans have follow Aquaman.. and have dozens of errors. Can we drop this?

teensdc: Not a fan of the Gaiman style, with full script and descriptions and dialog all at once, Todd?

ATAman: wait till he does some more issues then you can judge more accurately :)

ATAman: Yeah, we were Ethan

Wonder-boy: Can we drop this?

ATAman: Hey Ethan, you know Rob Potchak?

Wonder-boy: Were. Good word, back to convo!

DCTEthan: Let's talk about Ethan and Todd. :)

DCTEthan: Who DOESN'T know Rob Potchak?

DCTEthan: Todd Dezago? Are you talking?

Wonder-boy: Ya, Ethan an Todd! Wow, that Todd, best writer there is, and Ethan, what an artist...! *Goes off for 20 minutes building egos*

brokentuba: Okay, THAT just drove me crazy!!! Trying to scroll while you guys are posting is close to impossible! Hey, Eth!! How ya doin', Partner?!

ATAman: yeah good point Ethan :)

ATAman: Ro is cool guy

teensdc: So, Ethan, who's your fave support character to draw?

ATAman: we can drop this

Wonder-boy: Ya, which Support? Arrowette or Gamal?

DCTEthan: Todd: I'm doin' good, partner. Drawing the stuff you're telling me to.

DCTEthan: Teens: Arrowette.

Wonder-boy: Woohoo!

DCTEthan: I really like her. I'm notsure I like the new costume, but nevertheless.

Wonder-boy: Wait! I have to ask this! Is Arrowette names Suzie or Cassie?

teensdc: Okay, other than her, since Todd said we wouldn't be seeing much of her too soon... sigh

DCTEthan: We have new COOL supporting characters to introduce!

DCTEthan: Arrowette's name is Cissie.

ATAman: Ethan: I really like that Elisa Landis cover you did for ROb...

ATAman: I might be pencilling Elisa, actually :)


DCTEthan: ATA: Uh, that was a long time ago...

ATAman: ...but i dont think i can equal up to you

ATAman: I know it was a long time ago...

brokentuba: Ethan ROCKS!!!

DCTEthan: I don't think Gamal will be showing up again anytime soon...

teensdc: Love the story behind that, got it from Tom Peyer, how he's now in the Stan Lee league of recreating character's names.

ATAman: its the only thing i have seen fvrom you besides some cyberfrog ads

DCTEthan: ATAman: Oh, I see. Well, there were some good Cyberfrog ads.

brokentuba: Impulse ROCKS!!

DCTEthan: Todd: What are you doing tonight? Did you dig your day off?

ATAman: mmm hmm

brokentuba: Cyberfrog ROCKS!!

Wonder-boy: I'm going to go see if I can get Nik to do one of those "Rants" to get Arrowette's name changed.....

DCTEthan: Todd is channeling Beavis.

DCTEthan: Cissie is a good name for Arrowette.

teensdc: Ethan, how much detail does Todd give in scripts? REally thorough, or do you get teh basics and then play around with it some?

DCTEthan: She's such a little priss. It's perfect.

brokentuba: I worked on plot today and feel like I'm gettin' my groove back! Kicked ass t Volley ball last night! Spiked Starlin right in the head!

Wonder-boy: ....I don't...

Wonder-boy: Umm.. whats Cissie short for...?

DCTEthan: Teens: Todd writes very detailed plots, that leave room for me to play around.

DCTEthan: Todd: LOL!!!

DCTEthan: Cissandra.

DCTEthan: J/K

Wonder-boy: What is it? Cassandra? that's what I'm guessing...

DCTEthan: The thing I've noticed about the YJ characters is that they all have serious personality flaws....

teensdc: cool. Curious since Devin Grayson sent me one of her Catwoman scripts and I got a Primal Force script from Steve Seagle, and those two write books. I've read novels with fewer words.

DCTEthan: Cassandra is WonderGirl's name.

brokentuba: teens--ask Ethan about my plots when I'm not around...he'll tell ya the truth then...

Wonder-boy: Than what's Cissie short for?

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teensdc: Todd, Starlin?

ATAman: I have seen one of Todd's plots!

ATAman: )

ATAman: )

DCTEthan: Todd's 'plots' usual consist of a physical threat and a command to 'write it your damn self".

teensdc: I'd love to see one (hint, hint)

ATAman: heh heh

craigty ( has joined the channel

teensdc: that's encouragement for you.

ATAman: he faxed me his she hluk/thing is entertaining to say the least

teensdc: welcome back craig

DCTEthan: Wonderboy: You'd have to ask Tom Peyer, since he created her.

teensdc: Wonderboy, read the newsroom on the site, I got a quote from Tom Peyer about it.

Wonder-boy: *frowns* I still don't get it.. two issues as "Suzie", and one "sum up bio" as Cissie, an she's CISSIE!

DCTEthan: Todd always goes right for the throat with the coolness factor. He writes Wolverine, he sticks Wendigo in there. I love it.

craigty has left the channel

craigty ( has joined the channel

Wonder-boy: Sean- it's the "funny ha ha" thing from Tom, right? Read it..

DCTEthan: I think Cissie might be her nickname.

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Wonder-boy: I figured Cissie is a nickname, but..

Wonder-boy: I was wonderin what that might be SHORT for.. hence I asked *l*

brokentuba: maybe Cissie is what her sister calls her....? : )

teensdc: Well, her mom is a freak, can't expect the best name from her <g>

Arrowette ( has joined the channel

ATAman: hey Ethan... you ever bringing back cyberfrog?

Wonder-boy: She has no sister from what I could see...

DCTEthan: Does Arrowette have a sister? She strikes me as an only child.

Arrowette: finally made iti n...

DCTEthan: ATAman: No.

teensdc: welcome arrowette, we were just talking about you <g>

Wonder-boy: She -is- to my knowledge.

DCTEthan: Hey, Raye! :)

Arrowette: hi, all.

teensdc: Why not, have him appear in Impulse ( or not)

Wonder-boy: Hey, "Cissie"...

brokentuba: No, I think she's an only child...but she could have a sister...

Arrowette: *groan*

teensdc: or an evil twin, like maybe the reverse arrowette.

Wonder-boy: Todd- wouldn't she have to have a SISTER who was trained in Archery then, too?

DCTEthan: A missing sister.....Oliver Queen is the father....

Wonder-boy: Half-sister than...

Arrowette: soap opera

ATAman: What ever happened to cyberfrog?

brokentuba: Maybe not...I've got an idea...

Wonder-boy: Can't see her mom with Ollie, though..

Arrowette: why not?

Wonder-boy: Idunno...

Wonder-boy: I suppose..

DCTEthan: Her mom was like an Ollie groupie.

Wonder-boy: Ya, but that's why I couldn't see her as with Ollie. she's a groupie.

DCTEthan: Todd: I still haven't read THE SECRET. I guess I'll get the WWG graphic novel.

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brokentuba: Don't buy it! I'll send one with Drew,s inks and the tape on Friday...

DCTEthan: ATAman: It fizzled out.

teensdc: What suprizes me is how this (in any other situation) throwaway character has become so hot for appearances. Everybody wants her. And I got the feeling she was created almost as a joke.

DCTEthan: Todd: We're on the comp list, you know...

CraigTY1 ( has joined the channel

Arrowette: seems like it, yeah.

Wonder-boy: I'm pretty sure she was made as a joke..

teensdc: welcome back again craig

Arrowette: but she does have a personality

brokentuba: What if her name is both Suzie AND cCissie...?

DCTEthan: Who wants Arrowette? Is she hot?

Wonder-boy: Oh ya, Arrowette.. hot mama! *Laugh* kidding.

DCTEthan: Todd: I think it is...

brokentuba: Ethan--since when a we on the comp list?

DCTEthan: No, I mean, are fans clicking with Arrowette or something?

CraigTY1: What a pain. Starting tomorrow I find the Hangout.. and DC:NG a new chatroom

craigty has left the channel

ATAman: hey Todd...who was the penciler that was gonna do the she hulk/ thing book?

Wonder-boy: Ya, Everyone seems to like Arrowette.

teensdc: YJ, name's plastered all over the web, on message boards, I've heard that other writers are wanting appearance in their books

DCTEthan: Todd: LA told me we were last week, but he wanted to surprise us.

Arrowette: she's just interesting.

brokentuba: ATA--Bryan Hitch drew half of it and then bailed/Ringo started on the other half, then Marvel bailed!


CraigTY1: Hey everyone

DCTEthan: Hey, Craig.

ATAman: damn.. iw as looking forward to it too!

ATAman: (even thoug I alreayd knew what happened)

DCTEthan: Who is Bryan Hitch?

ATAman: i have never heard of him either

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teensdc: that makes 3 of us.

Wonder-boy: Ethan- Hitchcock's stepbrother.

brokentuba: The art from both of them was Terrific! And I thought it was kind of a funnny story!

ATAman: What is up with Mike these days anyway...has he found any work yet?

Wonder-boy: *Wishes Mike was still with Robin...*

DCTEthan: Mike Weiringo doesn't find work, work finds HIM.

DCTEthan: He's the man.

teensdc: Loved him on Robin, but Staz rocks too.

brokentuba: Bryan Hitch is currently working on Stromwatch. Cool stuff too! And Mike's ot plenty o work now--maybe something coming up from DC...

Wonder-boy: Idunno, I love Ringo's style on it. He made it jump out and BITE... well, that means I really loved the style.

ATAman: Well work hadnt found him for MONTHS when he was exclusively with MArvel

DCTEthan: We should get Ringo to do IMPULSE covers.

Arrowette: that would be cool.

teensdc: Dang, then he's awesome. The lady at the comic store gave me a Stormwatch issue with no covers. The art was fantastic.

Arrowette: if you can't get ramos... ;p

CraigTY1: Can't beleive that there is a full room for the Stan Lee chat.. I just saw the listing asking for AOL roomfor another room.

ATAman: didnt Mike design Impulse?

Arrowette: yeah

Wonder-boy: Ya

brokentuba: No, YOU do the Impulse covers!!! If you need a month off, I'll do one... (lol)

DCTEthan: Okay, it's a deal.

ATAman: heh heh

Arrowette: i could do one. i can't guarantee it'll be any good, but...

CraigTY1: Todd.. drawing... ok.. its getting late... <grin>

Wonder-boy: Ach! My underwear just went thong on me! Ach! *Struggles*


* Arrowette did not need to know that

ATAman: too much information...

DCTEthan: Todd actually draws really well. He had his own self published comic a few years ago.

Arrowette: oh?

teensdc: That's what I thought, ATA, about Mike designing Impulse

CraigTY1: Thanks Wonder... that was the top of my

brokentuba: I would hafta paint it, if I actually did one

teensdc: wow, a rennaissance man, huh?

Wonder-boy: Didn't know ears could actually BLEED from too loud a noise. *turns down radio*

teensdc: What was your self-published book, Todd?

ATAman: it was called Kabuki or never went anywhere...

ATAman: heh heh j/k

Arrowette: hehe

ATAman: Mack lives about 10 mins from me actually

Wonder-boy: Heh

Wonder-boy: Mack?

Arrowette: how coneVEEnient

ATAman: David Mack

brokentuba: I did a mini/small press/independent/(xeroxed) comic with a friend called "A Series Of Movements Which Could Best Be Described As Awkward". It was kind of an anthology, and ran for seven issues.

Arrowette: cool

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Arrowette: was it good?

Wonder-boy: KEEN!

teensdc: I'm trying to pitch some small press stuff with a penciller/inker friend now. I'd love to see it if it's still available anywhere.

Wonder-boy: Sean- TJ, right?

ATAman: Hey Todd... dont you just despise what Byrne is doing with spidey?

Wonder-boy: or no...

brokentuba: If ya go for that kinda stuf. My other comic grew out of it. It was called "Biff Nipkin, The Human Q-Tip" I did that all myself...

ATAman: hee hee

teensdc: TJ is a co-plotter, Scott Brooks is the penciller. if you want to see, Bowie

Wonder-boy: Ah.

teensdc: ATA, Todd, yep, I curious to your thoughts on that too, Todd, since I just got Chapter One from a friend yesterday. It reminded me of an older style of storytelling that I haven't seen in a while.

Wonder-boy: *Laughs at Q-Tip's name* I read that an immediately grabbed Flash 80 giant, and went to reading the "Interview with Mark Millar"... Johnny Zipper!

ATAman: John is frickin butchering it

Arrowette: i'm not very into spidey anyway.

ATAman: he should just give up writing and start penciling full time

teensdc: his Spidey looks like Spidey should, I think.

Arrowette: i seem to have walked in in the middle of everything and it never stopped.

teensdc: So, Arrowette, what books do you read?

teensdc: Todd, your thoughts?

brokentuba: Sorry, Arrowette.

brokentuba: I don't like to say anything mean.

Arrowette: crimson, creed (when it come out), ash (same), a lot of manga...

Arrowette: s'okay.

teensdc: okay. that's a sufficient answer, I suppose. I loved his take on Wonder Woman, and his Next Men. but some of the other stuff doesn't work for me.

CraigTY1: Well sorry I couldn't stay longer. but I have the Hangout, and the Robin's Nest to work on. bye everyone. Thanks Tood.. ethan. Laterz

Arrowette: bye

brokentuba: Bye Craig

teensdc: Have you read futaba-kun change? it rocks. weird, but cool.

teensdc: later, craig.

Wonder-boy: "Robin's Nest"?

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Wonder-boy: That's an old one..

teensdc: That was for you ARrowette, since you're a manga fan.

Arrowette: no. what's it about?

Arrowette: (of course, i read too much now...... ;p )

teensdc: a kid who -- now that he's hit puberty -- turns into a girl every time he gets "interested" in a girl

Arrowette: hmm. sounds interesting.

teensdc: like I said, it's strange. really funny, though.

Wonder-boy: Sean- Does he get interested in his weird new body? That could then make LONG lasting "I'm a girl now" stories..

brokentuba: Sounds kinda cool. WHo does it?

brokentuba: If I could morph my body, I'd be girl about 90% ot the time...

brokentuba: lol

teensdc: nope, but he's only got a few issue so far. maybe soon. though maybe it won't get too weird.

Wonder-boy: I gotta go with Todd there...

teensdc: IronCat publishes it.

teensdc: It's really good. And I'm not a really big manga fan, just select titles.

brokentuba: And then I'd spend most of that time in front of a mirror.

Arrowette: i think i'll look for it.

Wonder-boy: Again, agree with Todd..

* Arrowette sighs

teensdc: So, Todd and Ethan, is it nice to be able to write your comics off your taxes as a business expense?

Arrowette: hehehehe

brokentuba: Yeah, there is an upside to working in comics...

teensdc: ha.

Arrowette: maybe i can get a job as a letterer...

CraigTY1 has left the channel

DCTEthan: I don't actually buy any comics anymore...It IS nice to be able to write TOYS off, though.

Arrowette: are you an action figure man?

teensdc: I bet. I can't wait for the Supergirl figure from TAS to come out.

DCTEthan: I really love Batman toys, yes.

teensdc: That an a line featuring the YJ kids.

Arrowette: oh?

Wonder-boy: I love SG from TAS, she is just SO cool.

Arrowette: yeah.

DCTEthan: There's no YJ line, is there?

Arrowette: i still haven't gotten my harley figure, though

Arrowette: annoyannoyannoy

teensdc: I can dream though, Ethan, with a Spoiler figure included.

Wonder-boy: Sean- I'm making a Spoiler figure...

Arrowette: i want an impulse figure. and i don't usually buy guy dolls

brokentuba: Arrowette--are you just looking for one, or is there one on the way.?

Arrowette: looking.

Arrowette: yes, i know what the chances are...

teensdc: I got a Harley figure for Christmas last year. My friend nearly freaked when I opened it up and told him I wanted to actually "play" with it.

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DCTEthan: An Impulse figure would be great.

Arrowette: hehe

Arrowette: impulse and arrowette two pack!

Wonder-boy: I buy my figures to play with, than unscrew and seperate.

Wonder-boy: I make homemades.

Arrowette: it'd be better than "scully and a corpse", that's for sure...

ATAman: Todd: Im outta here... later everyone!

Wonder-boy: bye Ata

Arrowette: i can't paint 'em.

Arrowette: bye

teensdc: Oh, that reminds me, would you have to get permission from Chuck to use Spoiler in a crossover with Bart?

teensdc: bye, ATA

ATAman: hey Todd...brokentuba is the same as a sousaphone isnt it?

brokentuba: No, it's the name of a music supply company in my head.

Wonder-boy: You know Sean, I'm STILL Curious as to if "Presto" is going to make more then a "mention" appearance... as he was in the last few pages of Flash 80 page.. he seemed to be cool teen. MAGIC kid!

brokentuba: Night, Tom!

DCTEthan: I'd like a Scully and a corpse two pack. You'd have to squint your brain to imagine the scenes I'd play out.

ATAman: ah...

Arrowette: groan

ATAman: I thought you said it was anickname for some instrument before..

teensdc: sigh

Arrowette: i'm waiting for it to do onsale

DCTEthan: I think I'm getting those toys for christmas.

ATAman: the pain must be affecting my memory :)

Signoff: ATAman (ATAman has left the room)

DCTEthan: Dan Jurgens is always, ALWAYS online.

Wonder-boy: Ethan- I've played Lex Luthor and The Joker in RolePlays.. very well. I don't have to squint.

Arrowette: is that the thought for the evening?

brokentuba: I had a guy MAKE and IMPULSE figure fo Mark! It came out kinda okay, but DC could do a lot better.

teensdc: yep. we've chatted quite a bit.

DCTEthan: Wait until our Impulse run happens. A cartoon and a line of toys must ensue.

Arrowette: cartoon!

Wonder-boy: Sean- actually, you added "Presto" to your "Teens" list? Should....

teensdc: I hope so. just be sure to use Spoiler so that she gets a toy too.

Wonder-boy: Impulse in a cartoon! Hoo-yaa!

Arrowette: i want an impulse lunch box

Wonder-boy: Should make a "Young Justice" Cartoon....

brokentuba: But I don't wanna be ensued!?!?!

Arrowette: my sailor moon one is all beat up

teensdc: I didn't pick up the Flash 80 page, I had a broke week. Plus, I figure that I can get them in the dollar bins in a few months.

Wonder-boy: Sean- Well simply, Presto is Zatanna's direct descendant, from the 30th century....

DCTEthan: Teens: Now that's just rude. :)

Wonder-boy: It didn't say if he went back or not.

Arrowette: i found instructions somewhere on how to make your own lunchbox...

teensdc: oops. Something about trying to justify a five dollar book to my wife ...

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brokentuba: teens--tell me about it. (although it IS the first stroy that Ethan and I worked on together...)

Arrowette: now there's a fun conversation...

DCTEthan: Five dollars for a comic isn't very cool.

teensdc: not at all. whatever happened to dollar books ?

teensdc: a two dollar annual?

DCTEthan: I'd like a 75 cent coverprice again.

Arrowette: they got shiny paper

Wonder-boy: Wo! *checks the listings* you two DID do that... I had no idea. *Reads it again*

teensdc: me too. then I could buy more again.

brokentuba: I dunno how old you guys are, but when I was a kid ...

DCTEthan: I remember SPIDERMAN vs WOLVERINE back in 87. It was 2.50, and I thought that was outrageous.

teensdc: I hate shiny paper. I like the old cruddy paper. It felt like comics.

Arrowette: when i started reading, they were $1.25. so there.

Wonder-boy: I'm 14, this is "when I was a kid"

Wonder-boy: Although I remember paying 1.00 at the "really pricy" Flying Colors for a Spiderman...

brokentuba: And the SMELL of newsprint...If I could only smell one smell for the rest of my life...

teensdc: When I was a kid they were reall cheap. When I started re-reading they were around a dollar.

Arrowette: wb: in ten years when its $5 for a 32 page book...

DCTEthan: Todd: Ah, my first comic was an old copy of AMAZING SPIDERMAN #17. And it smelled great.

DCTEthan: Like an attic.

DCTEthan: I don't like the smell of Golden Age books though. Just Silver age.

Wonder-boy: My first was.... what was it.... What If #11.. Cheap bin at the time.

Arrowette: my first was New Warriors #37. on the rack at rite aid... ;p

teensdc: My first was an old Avengers with the tin can Iron man

Wonder-boy: all the=all had the

brokentuba: How ld are you teens?

brokentuba: old

teensdc: yep.

teensdc: thirty now.

Arrowette: heh

DCTEthan: I love that old Iron Man costume. they never improved on that tin can suit in my opinion.

brokentuba: Imean, how old are you. Not Old...You know what I mean...

brokentuba: right...?

Arrowette: that's not old

brokentuba: No, he's a kid...

Arrowette: old is my parents' age. :)

DCTEthan: Old is 24.

teensdc: it is when you have 3 kids.

brokentuba: Ethan--don't even start.

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DCTEthan: Heh heh....

DCTEthan: Todd: I met your buddy Fred!

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brokentuba: In real life?!

DCTEthan: Todd: No, he IMed me. Heckuva niceguy.

brokentuba: On-ine he is. In person, he's a ruthless bastard!!

DCTEthan: I should have guessed! ;)

Wonder-boy: Peter David's a ruthless bastard, in person or not..... I don't like him much.

teensdc: so, how OLD are you Todd?

Arrowette: you've met him?

Wonder-boy: Ya.

teensdc: aw, Bowie, PAD was nice to me when we met.

DCTEthan: Peter David is like a god to me. Or at least, a Buddha.

Wonder-boy: Wondercon...

Wonder-boy: He was mean! *Grumble*

brokentuba: teens--my birthday is October 10th.

DCTEthan: Whoa....

DCTEthan: Todd, did we miss your B-Day?

Arrowette: wb: sounds like you had a nasty experience

brokentuba: No I skipped it this year...

DCTEthan: OH, SH*T!!! :(

DCTEthan: You didn't tell us!@!!!

Wonder-boy: Happy really-belated-birthday, Todd!

brokentuba: No really. I skipped it.

Wonder-boy: Happy really-belated-skipped-birthday, Todd!

brokentuba: Thanks, WB!

DCTEthan: Todd, Sharis is doing backflips! She's saying all sorts of stuff like, "We would have baked you something, Todd!"

Wonder-boy: Call me Bowie... jeeze... I keep thinking people are saying "Welcome Back"

teensdc: Well, the wife needs me -- she's sick tonight. Thanks for coming, guys. Stay as long as you like, and happy belated, Todd. Be seeing ya online.

brokentuba: But ...I skipped it...!

Wonder-boy: Seeya, Sean

brokentuba: teens--G'night! And Thanks>

Wonder-boy: Todd- like we care!

DCTEthan: Todd: You can skip whatever you want to, but your friends CAN'T!

brokentuba: Was big fun!

Arrowette: bye

DCTEthan: Oh,it's time to go?

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