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[18:39] <Marvw1> Hello?

[18:39] <Calamity_Coyote> Hi

[18:39] <GONZ0> Howdy Marv!

[18:39] <teensdc> hey marv. So, what was is like getting to do another Crisis story?

[18:40] GONZ0 gives Marv a big sloopy smooch. Welcome to the channel.

[18:40] <Marvw1> Hi, I thought I was supposed to be on AOL in the DC chat room. Sorry. But here I am.

[18:40] <teensdc> No problem. We eager, but patient.

[18:40] <Marvw1> Okay, Crisis - I had a ball with that one. What did you guys think?

[18:40] <teensdc> It was great. I actually got a book that week that took longer than five minutes to read.

[18:40] <Calamity_Coyote> I don't know... I haven't read it, but I read Titans... in spanish, I hope not much was lost with the translation

[18:41] <GONZ0> I never got to read the first one. I want to get that before I pick up anything future stories.

[18:41] <Marvw1> You almost don't need to read it if you read this one.

[18:41] <teensdc> It was a really neat stand-alone story.

[18:42] <GONZ0> Huh, maybe I'll pick it up.

[18:42] <teensdc> What do you think of hypertime and how it may "undo" all the fixing that Crisis fixed?

[18:42] <teensdc> how do you feel about hypertime and the way it can unfix all the stuff that crisis fixed?

[18:42] <Marvw1> Any questions?

[18:43] <Marvw1> I read the stories but I don't understand what Hypertime is supposed to do.

[18:43] <Marvw1> Also, since I changed everything for Crisis how can I get angry if someone did it again, 15 years later?

[18:43] <Calamity_Coyote> Wait a sec, let me quote MArky Waid, wait a sec

[18:43] <teensdc> It's sort of weird, allowing for divergent timelines and parallel worlds that can converge back into a single timeline. Weird.

[18:44] <GONZ0> Marv: Have you read Comics: Between the Panels?

[18:44] <GONZ0> heh, it's supposed to say "Everything is in continuity! no more complaining!" ;D

[18:44] <teensdc> Basically it allows interaction between elseworlds and tangent, without the ease of making it routine.

[18:45] <teensdc> You said the other day that you don't follow the newest Titans stuff. Why not?

[18:45] <GONZ0> Yup. Apparently we'll be seeing some of that in Superboy too.

[18:46] <teensdc> Is it difficult to follow other people writing characters you helped create?

[18:46] <Calamity_Coyote> Allright, this is from Kingdom 2: "The problem with Linear Men is that they are too linear. they are vested in enforcing a inflexible view of reality. They think orderly, catalogued continuity is preferable to a Kingdom of Wonder"

[18:47] <Calamity_Coyote> In other words, Marky did it cause he prefered paralel earths

[18:49] <GONZ0> uh oh.. I think Marv pinged out.

[18:49] <GONZ0> Either that or he is seriously lagged.

[18:50] <teensdc> I think Marv lost his connection. Dang aol.

[18:50] <teensdc> his screen name just dropped from aol, so he must have lost his connection.

[18:50] <GONZ0> Marvw1 Ping reply: 63 seconds :P

[18:50] <Marvw1> Hello?

[18:50] <teensdc> Marv, welcome back.

[18:51] <Marvw1> Wow. I coujld see me writing but nobody was answering.

[18:51] <Marvw1> I never left.

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[18:51] <Marvw1> Hello?

[18:51] <GONZ0> Well wait a few minutes, he might come back as Marvw2

[18:51] <teensdc> freaky. way freaky. have you seen the questions or do you want them repeated?

[18:51] <GONZ0> Yup. It's called Lag. It stinks.

[18:51] <GONZ0> It happened to me earlier tonight.

[18:51] <Marvw1> HELLO!

[18:52] <teensdc> Marv!!!!!!!! We're here!!!!!!!

[18:53] <Marvw1> Hello

[18:53] <teensdc> Marv?

[18:53] <teensdc> Sorry about all the problems tonight folks.

[18:53] <Marvw1> Someone say something.

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[18:53] <teensdc> We are. Wow this is freaky.

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[18:54] <Marvwolf> Hi. Can anyone read this? I'm trying to get on again.

[18:54] <Calamity_Coyote> I can read it

[18:54] <Marvwolf> I'm using a new name to kill the previous version.

[18:55] <Marvwolf> Please all just say HI so I know you're here.

[18:55] <Calamity_Coyote> HI

[18:55] <teensdc> hey marv. that working better?

[18:55] <teensdc> I

[18:55] <teensdc> I'm reading it just fine.

[18:56] <Marvwolf> I never left - somehow you couldn't read me.

[18:56] <Marvwolf> Anyway, any questions?

[18:56] <dcteens> hi.

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[18:56] <teensdc> Sure. Which of your storylines from Titans stand out as your faves?

[18:57] <Marvwolf> Who Is Donna Troy, The Judas Encounter, and Shades of Gray. There are others, too.

[18:57] <dcteens> I love the who is donna troy arc.

[18:57] <teensdc> What is it that stands out for you and makes them your faves?

[18:57] <Marvwolf> They were heavily character driven, not action stories.

[18:58] <teensdc> Still here, CC?

[18:58] <teensdc> Sorry for all the trouble marv. It's normally not this freaky. The chat room, I mean.

[18:58] <Marvwolf> No problem as long as you can read this.

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[18:59] <Marvwolf> Is everyone still here?

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[19:00] <teensdc> What's the story behind your creation of Terra, a truly evil character. Probably one of the first to truly affect the Titans so deeply.

[19:00] <Marvwolf> Hello?

[19:00] <teensdc> may just be me and you now.

[19:00] <Calamity> Hello.. are we normal now?

[19:00] <Marvwolf> Terra was created to be a villain...

[19:00] <teensdc> Welcome back, calamity.

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[19:00] <Marvwolf> When I first mentioned her to George I thought I wanted to do the anti-Kitty Pride story.

[19:01] <Marvwolf> The idea was to play against everything comic fans expected.

[19:01] <teensdc> How 'bout the new Terra? You used her toward the end of the New Titans run. Did you like the idea of having your villain "ressurected"?

[19:01] <teensdc> Welcome back Calamity

[19:01] <Marvwolf> btw - what are these ads that keep popping up every so often?

[19:02] <Calamity> hmm.. but she became such a popular and .. loved character, was that expected, or just happened.. I think she is alive and a nice girl now

[19:02] <Marvwolf> No. The new Terra was NOT Terra. She was someone who was robbed of their memory and made to think she weas.

[19:02] <Calamity> OH, she is a clone, sorry

[19:02] <teensdc> annoying things that allow the sponsor to host free chat rooms. <g>

[19:02] <Marvwolf> The idea was to try to make them think she was Terra, then make them learn she was

[19:02] <Marvwolf> not Terra, then have her sabotage the team.

[19:03] <teensdc> So she was the real Terra?

[19:03] <Marvwolf> Thanks, teensdc

[19:03] <Marvwolf> No, she was NOT the real Terra. Just an amnesiac who thought she was. It was a villains plot.

[19:03] <teensdc> not Terra then. That would have been fun, especially after all her flirting with Damage, to then sabotage the team.

[19:03] <Marvwolf> It was also not a good story.

[19:04] <teensdc> ha.

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[19:04] <GONZ0> Okay back.. maybe this will work better.

[19:04] <Marvwolf> Any more questions

[19:04] <teensdc> welcome back gonzo.

[19:05] <Marvwolf> I will be on AOL tomorrow - the DC chat room. Which is what I mistakenly thought I was doing tonight...

[19:05] <GONZ0> I've got a bunch

[19:05] <Marvwolf> ...which is why I was so late.

[19:05] <Calamity> Hmm... why was Crisis needed? I never really undertood the need for it

[19:05] <teensdc> how 'bout you non-DC work?

[19:05] <Marvwolf> I'll stay on a few more minutes if there are questions.

[19:05] <GONZ0> I heard something about Blade being in a japanese movie and you contested it. Exactly what was that and how did it end?

[19:05] <Marvwolf> My Non-DC work is primarily in animation. Reboot, War Planets, Beast WARS.

[19:06] <Marvwolf> Crisis was needed because in 1980 nobody was buying DC Comics. It was considered confusing s...

[19:06] <Marvwolf> so I tried to clean it up with a good, solid story.

[19:07] <Marvwolf> Anything else?

[19:07] <teensdc> Calamity asked my earlier about your work, and thought of Crisis and Titans. What else was there? I'm drawing a blank.

[19:07] <GONZ0> I heard something about Blade being in a japanese movie and you contested it. Exactly what was that and how did it end?

[19:08] <Marvwolf> I'm sorry but I won't talk about Blade.

[19:08] <Marvwolf> I've done most DC and Marvel characters.

[19:08] <GONZ0> Okay then.

[19:08] <teensdc> understandable.

[19:08] <teensdc> Which marvel work do you remember most fondly?

[19:09] <Marvwolf> Dracula, FF, Spidey and Nova

[19:09] <teensdc> I hear they're doing a new Nova series.

[19:09] <GONZ0> How did you become EIC of Marvel?

[19:09] <Calamity> Yep, written by Larsen

[19:09] <teensdc> And who knows what's up with Spidey? <g>

[19:10] <Marvwolf> I was editor of the Marvel Black and White magazines and was simply moved over to the color comics when the eic left.

[19:10] <GONZ0> teensdc: Yuppers. Erik Larsen is doing it. He's a big Nova fan.

[19:10] <Marvwolf> No offense to Eric, but they should have asked me since I did create it.

[19:10] <teensdc> agreed. Larsen is quickly convincing me to drop Aquaman.

[19:11] <Marvwolf> I don't read Aquaman. Sorry

[19:11] <Calamity> hmm... Does it hurt to see other writers messing around with your characters, like Nova, Terra, Deathstroke (I think, and who had the coolest viallin uniform)

[19:11] <teensdc> My uncle had parts of the orignial series and even though it was colored in and torn up in places, I used to love rereading it over and over.

[19:11] <GONZ0> I'm a Larsen fanboy. I agree his Aquaman isn't that great, but I do know the editors have been hindering his stories and the art has been bad. But #52 was still good. :)

[19:11] <Marvwolf> That is why I don't read what other writers do with my characters. So if they mess them up I'll never find out.

[19:12] <GONZ0> Okay Marv. What was it like meeting Steven King way back when?

[19:12] <teensdc> Especially the one that had his brother/friend/girlfriend nearly drowning in a pool. I think. the details are fuzzy.

[19:12] <Marvwolf> I never met King back in those days. We communicated through the mail.

[19:12] <GONZ0> What was the fanzines name?

[19:12] <Marvwolf> He did a story for my fan magazine when he was a teenager.

[19:13] <Marvwolf> Stories of Suspense.

[19:13] <GONZ0> Cool.

[19:13] <teensdc> Wow. Didn't know that.

[19:13] <Marvwolf> We were both about 15, I'd say

[19:13] <Marvwolf> It was his very first published work.

[19:13] <GONZ0> Have you ever read Comics: Between the Panels? That's where I'm getting this stuff

[19:13] <Marvwolf> Who did Comics between the panels?

[19:13] <teensdc> What advice would you have for wannabe comics writers?

[19:14] <GONZ0> Dark Horse Publishing. Authors:Steve Duin, Mike Richardson

[19:14] <Marvwolf> Start writing other stuff :) The business is VERY tough now. Just become a good writer then sell to comcis.

[19:14] <Marvwolf> Ahh, no, I haven't bought that book.

[19:15] <GONZ0> I just got it. Tony Isabella told me that he heard there were mistakes in it. But he hadn't read it himself.

[19:15] <teensdc> Which writers (both comics and otherwise) do you admire most for their ability to tell a solid story?

[19:15] <Calamity> Was it risque to write a 16 year old Judas who... err... dated a old guy like Deathstroke?

[19:15] <Marvwolf> In comics, Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek, James Robinson, a few others. Outside, there are too many to list.

[19:16] <teensdc> Good point. Even though recently there was a 2 year old (physically 16) Superboy who dated a 24 (roughly) year old woman.

[19:16] <Marvwolf> I don't know if it was was certainly different. Virtually nobody ever mentioned the age problem.

[19:16] <GONZ0> Do you have a favorite Teen Titan?

[19:16] <Marvwolf> Nightwing followed by Wonder Girl.

[19:17] <Calamity> hmm true, now Superboy is interested in a.. supposedly 12 year old girl, but she looks older

[19:17] <teensdc> Thanks. In your opinion, what's the single greatest comics story ever published? Yours or anyone else's...

[19:17] <Marvwolf> No way I can answer that. There's been so many great stories.

[19:17] <teensdc> If they can't her name straight, can we really expect them to agree on Arrowette's age?

[19:17] <teensdc> Not even Watchmen?

[19:17] <GONZ0> Marv: Do you read comics now? What titles?

[19:17] <Calamity> No, Arrowette is officially Cissie now

[19:18] <Marvwolf> Watchmen is great. It's not the best, thouggh in the running. There IS NO best.

[19:18] <Calamity> Actually, I think "The killing joke" was better than Watchmen

[19:18] <teensdc> good point.

[19:18] <Marvwolf> See? Everyone can come up a different favorite.

[19:18] <Calamity> but that was my humble opinion

[19:18] <GONZ0> hehehehe

[19:19] <Marvwolf> Just a few more minutes then I have to go.

[19:19] <GONZ0> Marv: Do you read comics now? What titles?

[19:19] <Marvwolf> Can anyone read this? Say YES now.

[19:19] <GONZ0> YES

[19:19] <Calamity> YES

[19:20] <Marvwolf> Okay, I thought I was tossed off. Whew!

[19:20] <teensdc> Yes.

[19:20] <Marvwolf> I read Astro City and Thunderbolts. The Alan Moore comics and a few others here and there that look interesting.

[19:21] <Calamity> Was Robin's change of identity your idea, or. the editors, or whoever was in charge of Batman? I mean, when he became Nightwing

[19:21] <GONZ0> Cool. You got good taste :)

[19:21] <teensdc> What were your thoughts on the character who were "Titans" as the series ended? (The GL/Supergirl era)

[19:21] <Marvwolf> It was my idea for Dick Grayson to become Nightwing because I wanted to control and 'age' him.

[19:21] <Marvwolf> I hated the entire end of Titans except for the last four issues.

[19:21] <Calamity> I like Kurt Busieks writing, but all his villains say weird stuff like "Pfah" every 15 minutes, and all the heroes like to remember stuff from before I was born in the weirdest of times

[19:22] <teensdc> John Byrne just made a comment about aging characters in an interview I did with him last night. He said that comic characters shouldn't age.

[19:22] <Marvwolf> None of those stories with the other team where my idea.

[19:22] <Calamity> The Jurgens team?

[19:22] <Marvwolf> John Byrne has his views and I have mine. Most characters don't age and shouldn't. I qwanted Dick to be 20-21.

[19:22] <teensdc> You did the final arc, though, right?

[19:23] <Marvwolf> Oh, I never read the Jurgens books. Sorry. I was talking about my last year on the book.

[19:23] <Calamity> Ah, that team, sorry

[19:23] <GONZ0> John Byrne seems to have a lot of views that conflict with other peoples these days :)

[19:23] <Marvwolf> It's 7:24. I have to leave at 7:30

[19:23] <teensdc> What didn't work about that team for you.

[19:23] <teensdc> No problem.

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[19:23] <teensdc> Welcome Craig

[19:24] <Marvwolf> We are all passionate about what we do and John has his views. He has been very successful.

[19:24] <DCUguest21> I want to scream!!!!

[19:24] <Marvwolf> The editor plotted the stories and they made absolutely no sense.

[19:24] <Marvwolf> Who is DCUguest21?

[19:24] <Calamity> So, you don't like editorial imput

[19:24] <GONZ0> Marv: What do you think needs to be done to improve the comic industry?

[19:25] <DCUguest21> Glad I could finally make it.

[19:25] <teensdc> You didn't get to do you own plots for those. I would think that with such diverse and interesting characters, the book could have been pretty good.

[19:25] <Marvwolf> No. Just not that editor's input. Most are sentient.

[19:25] <DCUguest21> Marv. I'm Coberry265. Craig Young.

[19:25] <Marvwolf> H'llo.

[19:26] <DCUguest21> Hello AGAIN. I've gotta find ya a new chatroom Sean.

[19:26] <Marvwolf> Couple more questions before I go?

[19:26] <GONZ0> Craige: Try Undernet. :)

[19:26] <GONZ0> -e

[19:26] <DCUguest21> Marv, the only question I had was, what exactly happend to Superboy and the few pocket survivers of your Crisis?

[19:27] <Marvwolf> Most went to 'heaven' - just off to Valhalla - the place for heroes.

[19:27] <teensdc> Sure. How can companies like Marvel and DC turn the industry around again and attract new readers.

[19:27] <DCUguest21> In your view, kinda did you plan for there future history.

[19:27] <Marvwolf> I'm not sure what you mean?

[19:28] <DCUguest21> Are you still doing any other comic writing?

[19:28] <GONZ0> What do you think is needed to improve the comic industry?

[19:28] <Marvwolf> I am doing a Kid Flash/Raven one shot, a GL story and a four-part Superman. I'd love to do more but that's up to the editors.

[19:28] <teensdc> Well, we're losing younger readers. At least where I live. All I ever see in comics shops are college students and old guys like me.

[19:28] <DCUguest21> I mean, did you have any plans on bring back Superboy and Alex Luthor and the pocket universe?

[19:28] <teensdc> A flash back Kid Flash, right, not the new one from Kingdom?

[19:28] <Calamity> Wich Kid Flash? The Kingdom one?

[19:29] <DCUguest21> Kid Flash/Raven? Titans Month book?

[19:29] <Marvwolf> What can improve the industry? Better comics. Better distribution. More understanding about what readers today want which is not qwh,mmost professionals think.

[19:29] <Marvwolf> The original Kid Flash. The story takes place before issue #1.

[19:29] <Calamity> Ah, Wally West, with Raven.

[19:29] <teensdc> cool should be fun.

[19:29] <DCUguest21> Marvel is killing itself by worrying about the non-important things, and making assumpions about what the fans want.

[19:30] <GONZ0> Raven? It be really fun if it had the Raven wrestler from WCW :D

[19:30] <teensdc> Kyle GL, or another flashback story with Hal or another GL?

[19:30] <Marvwolf> It's Kyle. A story for the GL 80 pager.

[19:30] <teensdc> cool. where do you fall on the kyle/hal debate?

[19:30] <Marvwolf> I don't know what the debate is?

[19:31] <DCUguest21> no it wouldn't Gonzo. "Hey's got super speed...but what about me, what about Raven?". I lost a match to him once.

[19:31] <GONZ0> hehe, that was going to be my next question :)

[19:31] <DCUguest21> what do you mean Gonzo?

[19:31] <teensdc> the pro-hal groups flames kyle, the pro-kyle group flames hal. They dislike the treatment of changing Hal into Paralax and turning him into a villain.

[19:32] <DCUguest21> what was your next question?

[19:32] <Calamity> Well, some 17 year old kid wants to kill current GL writer cause he killed Hal, and there are no more GL corps

[19:32] <Marvwolf> What was done to Hal was totally wrong. If he just turned over the ring to Kyle there would have been no problems.

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[19:32] <DCUguest21> I think Paralax was a great villian that didn't need to be killed.

[19:32] <Marvwolf> Hal would not have gone crazy. It was an artifical story.

[19:33] <Calamity> Yeah, it's cute when characters get out of character

[19:33] <Marvwolf> Anyway, I do have to go. Thanks. This was fun. Take care, all.

[19:33] <teensdc> Thanks marv.

[19:33] <Marvwolf> Bye

[19:33] <teensdc> I appreciate you giving us a little of your time.

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[19:34] <DCUguest21> Who is Calamity?

[19:34] <teensdc> Well, everyone, thanks for hanging around. Sorry again about the technical troubles tonight, but it got going eventurally.

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