Superboy's Summer
(Part One)

By DISC678

Hawaii, during the summer was hot enough to make even Superboy leave his jacket home. As he patrolled the beach he paid attention only to the bikinis, he didn't even notice the blue and red streak that glided down in front of him.

SMACK! Superboy crashed into the rock hard chest emblem of the man of steel.

"We need to talk."

"Hi to you too" remarked Superboy.

They flew to the mainland, through California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, until they were hovering above a farmhouse in Smallville, Kansas.

"What's this all about?" asked the kid.

"Call it summer school." replied Superman.

As Superboy protested they both flew down behind the tool shed. Superman was trying to calm him down.

"They're going to teach you to be a hero."


"The Kents"

Confused, Superboy asked what they knew about heroism. To which Superman coldly replied, "Plenty."

They proceeded to the front door where Superman began to tell Superboy about his origin. about Krypton, and Jor-El, about the Kents finding him and raising him as their own. He even told the kid about his duality as Clark Kent.

Before the shock could even form on Superboy's face the door opened and the warm faces of Jon and Martha Kent, who ran and embraced the two Supermen. Superman tried to introduce his parents to his young colleague, but was unaware that they'd already met when Superboy fought a younger looking Superman during "the Zero Hour catastrophe".

"Will you be staying too?" asked Superboy to Superman.

"No." responded Superman. And with that he disappeared into the sapphire sky.

Disoriented from what he had just learned, Superboy barely noticed being yanked inside by Mrs. Kent and dragged into the bathroom. As he regained his senses, Superboy asked "What's going on?"

"We're bleaching your hair dear. So that no one recognizes you as Superboy. Oh, we'll have to give you a name won't we?"

Martha scurried about mumbling potential names like Daniel Kent, Henry Kent......

"Kal!" She cried.

"Huh?" Superboy was letting the bleach set.

"The perfect name for you. Kal was Superman's Kryptonian name, but we can change it to Kalvin. What do you think?"

Superboy was relieved that someone had finally asked his opinion. As he walked out of the bathroom with his new blond hair and set his ear ring on the table he summed all of his feelings up in one word.


(To be continued)

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