Superboy's Summer
(Part Two)
by Disc678

Jon Kent looked Superboy over and chuckled. "Look just like me when I was sixteen. Martha, what'd you call him, Kal? "Yes I did and it's high time you got out of this house and met the local kids. Now run along."

The kid changed into normal clothes and flew toward town, he landed in an emty parking lot behind a restaurant and noticed the sun was very close to gone behind the smallville horizon. It made the town look like a city with all it's lights on. He stepped into the diner and smelled the sweet home smell of the ice cream and burgers, which reminded him that he hadn't eaten yet. Martha had given him a twenty when she shoved him out the door. Superboy decided he liked the Kents very much and he felt like he'd been given a chance to finally act like a regular teenager, he soaked in the freedom.

"No!" came a voice from behind, in a booth by the window, but as soon as it had come it changed to a whisper.

Paying it no attention, the newly created Kal Kent sat at the bar and ordered a rootbeer float. The pretty, sixteen year old waitress smiled as she passed Kal his drink. Kal caught this vibe and asked her what her name was, pretending not to notice the name tag that read "Laura". With a subtle midwestern accent, she flirted with Kal until he'd spent the whole twenty on burgers to get her to keep serving him.

"When do you get off work?" asked Kal in as romantic a way as possible.

"In 20 minutes." answered Laura

So as would any smitten young teen, Kal waited until she could get off work and then they went for a walk around the closing shopping centers. Until they stopped at a coffee shop near the edge of town. The place was buzzing with trendy, small town, teen, beatnicks and slackers with nowhere else to go. Kal and Laura sat talking about their friends, she yakked on about them and Kal put fake names on the personalities of Impulse, and Robin.

Kal was moments away from asking Laura if he could walk her home when he heard rushing rollerblades heading his way, and as quickly as he'd turned the rollerblades had snatched the wallet from the kid sitting behind Kal. He then rolled away quckly. Before Laura could blink, Kal was up and after the theif who went into an ally. Superboy then grabbed a trash can, hoisted it over his head and flung it into the air it landed just inches away from the rollerblades, But Superboy's TTK kept it rolling until it tripped the thief. Moments later a crowd gathered around the sprawling rollerblader and Kal returned the wallet to it's owner, and all without revealing his new secret.

Back at the coffee shop, Laura picked up her things and they headed for her house. A pair of eyes that neither Kal nor Laura saw, watched them both as they walked away, from behind a newspaper. Watched them disappear toward the residential area of Smallville.

To be continued ...

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