Kids These Days
Part 3 -- Electro Therapy

by Impulsefan

Narrator: Bart (a.k.a. Impulse) has made a lot of people mad in his lifetime. Max is certainly one them. His teacher's is another pretty good example. But he's never really angered any kids his own age. Okay there was that one time during the beginning of the school year where he angered everyone at his school* (*Impulse #3) and let's not forget about all those times with the Legion of Super-Heroes. But this time the kid actually wants to kill him.

Strange Kid: (Walking up to Bart's hospital bed. Small sparks are flying out of his gloves. Getting ready to electrocute Bart's face)

Bart: (Has a big smile on his face. Imagining sheeps with Bart's face jumping over fences)

Strange Kid: Humiliates me in front of everyone. This will make them like me. Bart must

Robin: (In his hospital gown. Hits the kid over the head with Bart's food tray)

Kid: --<ooof>-- (Falls on Bart's bed)

Bart: (Immediately sits up. Sees that his bed sheets are on fire because of the Kid's electricity) Aaaagh! (Moves his hands at super-speed trying to blow the fire out)

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold: (Burst into the room panting from all of the running)

Robin: (Tosses aside the food tray with the big dent from the Kid's head)

Blue Beetle: (Tries to take the Kid's mask off)

Kid: Aaagh! (Shoots Blue Beetle with a bolt of electricity)

Blue Beetle: Yow!

Kid: (Pushes Booster Gold out of the way. Runs out of the room)

Robin, Bart, & Booster Gold: (Run out of the room)

Blue Beetle: ow! Hello! Anybody. I've been shot with electricity. Hello!

Kid: (Firing electricity behind him)

Bart, Robin, & Booster Gold: (Duck)

Bart: (Runs at super-speed)

Kid: (Runs down the hall)

Bart: (Hospital bed gets rolled down the intersection. Runs into the bed. Flies over the bed) oof!

Nurse: Doctor, he's breathing again!

Doctor: It's a miracle!

Robin & Booster Gold: (Run up to Bart)

Robin: Where did he go!

Bart: Forward! Where else could he have gone!

Kid: (Light blinks showing that the elevator's going down)

Robin: He's going down stairs!

Bart: (Gets up) I got him!

Bart, Robin, & Booster Gold: (Run to the stairs)

Bart & Robin: (Jump over the handrails)

Booster Gold: Hold on <puff> I'm <gag> I'm <wheeze> right behind you.

Bart & Robin: (Make it to the bottom stairs)

Bart: (Sees an elevator door opening. Points to it) There's one! (Runs towards the elevator)

Robin: Bart wait…

Bart: (Gets ready to punch the kid coming out of the elevator)

Old lady: Ahhhh!

Bart: oops! Sorry! (Electricity turns off)

Robin: (Runs up to Bart) What did you do!

Bart: It's not my fault! It's that weird kid's fault!

Robin: C'mon! Let's go to the basement!

Bart: Why?

Robin: That's where the main electricity is!

Bart: (Runs at super-speed)

Robin: Wait up!

Bart: You go try to help the doctor's. All of 'em will need help since the life support systems are down!

Robin: Take this! (Throws Bart a walkie-talkie)

Bart: What is it?

Robin: (Sarcastically) A Game Boy.

Bart: (Excited) Really! (Observing it trying to find the screen)

Robin: (Laughs) It's a walkie-talkie!

Bart: Oh!

Bart: Well, gotta run!

Robin: (At the same time) Well, got to get going!


Bart: (Walks over to the control box. Opens it up. Wires are cut in half. Looks at his walkie-talkie. Puts it to his mouth. Pushes the talk button) Robin? (Holds his finger there. Long pause. Tosses the walkie-talkie on the ground)


Bart: (Runs over to the walkie-talkie. Pushes the talk button) Hello? (Keeps his finger on the talk button) Hello? (Long pause) Probably pulling some kinda prank. (Tosses it on the floor again)


Bart: (Picks up the walkie-talkie)

Robin: Don't touch the talk button!

Bart: (Pulls his hand away)

Robin: When you're finished saying something take your finger off of the talk button!

Bart: (Pushes the talk button. With a big smile) Gotcha! (Takes finger off)

Robin: (Holding the walkie-talkie with his chin. Fixing a piece of medical equipment) Okay good! So tell me what's the problem with the wires?

Bart: They've been sliced in half!

Robin: Okay! Tie them in half…

Bart: (Sticking his tongue out. Tying some wires together) Okay!

Robin: Then cut the tops off. Over.

Bart: (Looks confused) That's all!

Robin: No! Over is what you say after a transmission!

Bart: Oh! Over!

Robin: Then you give it some electricity! Over!

Bart: How do I do that?

Robin: Well, couldn't you rub your hands together at super-speed or something!

Bart: Hmm? (Thinks about it. Gets an idea)


Robin: Bart?

Walkie-talkie: ssssssccsch!!!!

Robin: What's he doing now?


Bart: (Taking a battery out of the walkie-talkie. Licks one end of it. Puts it up to the wire. Gets a little shocked) Ow? (Drops the battery. Lights turn back on) Yes! (Imagines himself wit his Impulse costume on but in a electricians suspenders and toolbelt. Puts the battery back in the walkie-talkie) Robin?

Robin: What did you do?

Bart: (With a big grin on his face) Saved the day!

Robin: Whatever. I'm going to check the 2nd level. I don't think he's left yet.

2nd level:

Kid: (Hiding in the dark. Holding a walkie-talkie and listening on Robin & Bart's conversation)

Bart: Yeah! Then we sneak up on him and, BAM!!! Give him the ol' boy wonder chop!

Hallway on the 2nd level:

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold: (Walking down the hallway)

Booster Gold: Now where did that li'l Kid Doomsday go too?

Blue Beetle: (Bumps into an old lady in a wheelchair) Oops! Sorry ma'am!

Old Lady: (Wheel away. Little sparks are flying out of "her" jacket. To a teenage boy in the hall wearing a big hat. Kinda like one Bart would need. Hmm?) Excuse me youngin', but could you be a doll and open that door for me! (Close up on the sparks flying from "her" jacket)

Teenage kid: (Turns around and opens the door)

Old Lady: (Jumps from "her" wheelchair revealing to be Robin!!! Holding two electric paddles. Electrocutes the teenage kid)

Teenage kid: (Gets a big hole in his jacket)

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold: (Run up to Robin) What did you do to Bart?

Bart: (Runs up to Bart, Blue Beetle, & Booster Gold) What happened?

Booster Gold: (Points to Bart) So if you're you, then that means that this is that kid?

Blue Beetle: But then who's the kid?

Bart: I guess that's the mystery?

Robin: (Kneels over to take off the kid's hat)

Blue Beetle: ooo! This is so Scooby Doo!

Robin: (Takes off the Kid's hat)

Bart: (Shocked!!!!) Oh my GOD!!! It's "Acne Anthony"!!!!

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold: Who?!?

Bart: It's that kid that Drexler was beating up at the arcade! (Part 1 of this storyline)

Blue Beetle: No offense little dude, but you don't look quite like the world conqueror sort of type, so, why did you try to kill us!

Acne Anthony: (To Bart) Everybody like's you Bart. I just wanted to be liked.

Bart: (Surprised) SO YOU TRIED TO KILL ME?

Acne Anthony: No! Of course not! I wanted to get that VR Enhancer so I could make cool special effects and impress everyone. You just happened to got in the way!

Bart: (Points to himself) Me?

Booster Gold: So you blew up an entire arcade, shut down the whole hospital, and tried to kill Bart, all for some sort of virtual Nintendo!

Acne Anthony: It was an accident! Honest!

Robin: Sure it was! I'd really like to hear the rest of it, but right now you have to meet this police officer!

Acne Anthony: Aww!

Later at Bart's house:

Bart, Max, Robin, Blue Beetle, & Booster Gold: (Sitting around a table)

Bart: (Imagining himself dressed as Batman and having Robin by his side)

Robin: (Imagining himself standing tall next to his short sidekick: Batman)

Booster Gold: (Imagining himself as Batman with Blue Beetle dressed as Robin for his shrimpy sidekick)

Blue Beetle: (Imagining a lot of women)

Max: So who was the one solved the mystery?

Bart, Robin, Blue Beetle, & Booster Gold: ME!!! (Look at each other. Pause. Argue about who really solved it)

Max: (Holds his head with his hand)

The End!

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