The New Girls
(part one)
by Green Lantern Lady

Author's Note: Liz Paige and Caitlin Arnold were ordinary girls from our world, the boring one where superheroes are only little dots of ink on paper. They idolized the Green Lantern and the Flash, their favorite heroes, and wished that could have their powers, even though they knew it was impossible. Then, one fateful day while they were walking home from school, Liz picked up an odd-looking marble, like the type used in fish tanks. Thinking nothing of it, Liz showed Caitlin the marble. They accidentally touched it at the same time and were sucked into another world- one that they knew well, Metropolis. They eventually were able to blackmail their way into the home of Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, and during their stay, attained the powers they had always dreamed of. The girls discovered how to use the “marble” to travel back and forth between the two universes that they called home. And now they know that dreams really can come true…

The girls lounged around the apartment, without anything to do. It was a rainy, gloomy weekend and Superman was out patrolling the city, so they couldn’t go anywhere. Suddenly, the sound of the mail flap on the door swinging shut broke the silence. Bored, Liz got up from her position on the couch and walked over to the door. Lying neatly on the floor was a small, white envelope. Curious, Liz picked it up and walked back to the couch, looking at Caitlin. Sensing that something was up, Caitlin scooted over to Liz, who was flipping the envelope back and forth in her hands.

“What’s that?” Caitlin asked, staring at the envelope.

“I’m not sure,” Liz replied, looking for a return address. “Let’s see.” She read from the front of the envelope. “‘To Green Lantern Lady and Flash Girl’” Liz looked Caitlin in the eyes. “It looks like one of us has gotten sloppy. Somebody knows who we are.”

“Great,” Caitlin muttered. “Maybe we should just head home and never come back.”

“Hold on there. We have to know what the letter says before we do anything. Get me a knife.”

“Can’t you get it yourself?” Caitlin whined.

“I don’t feel like it. Besides, it’s an excuse to stretch your legs,” was the lazy reply.

“Fine.” Caitlin blurred away for a second, then came back almost immediately, holding a knife. “Here you go.”

“Thanks. That wasn’t that bad, now was it?” She said, opening the envelope. Lazily, she tipped the letter inside into her lap. Holding it up, she read it aloud. “‘We know who you are, and would like for you to join us. Meet us at the piers at midnight. Signed, the Young Justice.’” Liz looked up from the letter at Caitlin. “Do you know what this means, Caitlin?”

“Not really,” her friend admitted.

“It means we’re officially part of the superhero ‘club’. They’ve accepted us into their ranks,” Liz explained, voice calm and collected.

“Cool. Do we accept?”

“You bet. This might just help our image. We’re considered aloof by the rest of the superhero world, you know,” Liz said, scanning the letter.


“We haven’t gone out of our way to get into their little world, so they think we’re stuck- up,” Liz explained. “That’s life for you.”

“Yeah, you’re right- that’s life,” Caitlin agreed. “So, should we head over there early and scope them out?”

“That’d be a good idea. This might not even be from the Young Justice, you know,” Liz said, returning the letter to the envelope.

“Why would anyone want to write to us as the Young Justice people?” Caitlin asked, confused.

“Caitlin let me put it this way: how many arch-villains do we know?”

“A lot.”

“Now, just think what could happen if we showed up somewhere expecting the Young Justice and instead finding, oh, say, Yin and Yang waiting for us with one of those power-crystals?”

Caitlin shuddered- the power-crystal episode had nearly gotten them killed. “I thought so,” Liz said, shuddering, too. “We’ll need to watch our backs when we get there- we don’t know who- or what- might be waiting for us.”

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