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Battle Royale
Only your votes decide the winners

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My Dragon Con Adventure
It was hot and I had my wife and kids with me, but it was fun

You Know You're Way Too Obsessed With DC Teens When ...
Does this really need an explanation?

Battle Royale

Each month, I'll propose a battle royale between teen heroes or teams.  Cast your vote by selecting the appropriate choice at the bottom of the page, then click the "Send my response" button to cast your vote.  

Previous Battle Royale:

Well, the votes are in, and your answer to "In a knock-down, drag-out between the teen heroes of the DCU, who is the last hero standing?" is ...

Robin: 37 votes
Impulse: 9 votes
Superboy: 6 votes
Damage: 4 votes
CM3: 4 votes
Mon-L: 1 vote

Current Battle Royale:

Who the toughest non-powered, non-hero of the DC teens?

And the winner is ...

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